Radio Nexos Musica de Vibra

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About Radio Nexos Musica de Vibra

Radio Nexos Musica de Vibra, Colombia’s premier Romantic Pop radio station. Brings you the most passionate and heartfelt love songs of all time. From classic ballads to modern hits, its playlist is sure to make you feel the full romantic musical vibe. You can listen to the most popular artists from Latin America and beyond, such as Luis Miguel, Chayanne, Pablo Alborán, Zoé, Axel, Andrés Cepeda, and many more. What makes Radio Nexos Musica de Vibra special is its focus on the romantic pop music. These songs suit moments of love, passion, and emotion, making every moment special. It’s where you can celebrate love through the power of music. Whether you’re in the mood for a slow ballad or upbeat dance tune, this is the perfect radio for you.



FaceBook: nexosradio

Twitter: @RadioNexosCol

Instagram: radionexos

YouTube: radionexos

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +3204872676

WhatsApp: +573204872676

Address: Bogotá, D.C., Colombia.

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