Radio Nexos Musica Urbana

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About Radio Nexos Musica Urbana

Radio Nexos Musica Urbana is a radio station from Colombia that brings you the hottest music and urban hits of today. If you love music with a lot of flow and rhythm, this is your best choice. Radio Nexos broadcasts a lot of radio stations based on various music themes and genres and this is one of their hottest sister radio in broadcasting today. This is the radio that gets you dance and moving. What sets Radio Nexos Musica Urbana apart is its commitment to staying in tune with the latest urban music trends. It features genres like dance, house, rap, hip-hop, reggaeton etc. The station is like a constant urban dance party, where you’re the star of the party.



FaceBook: nexosradio

Twitter: @RadioNexosCol

Instagram: radionexos

YouTube: radionexos

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +3204872676

WhatsApp: +573204872676

Address: Bogotá, D.C., Colombia.

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