Radio Nexos Rock y Pop Latino

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About Radio Nexos Rock y Pop Latino

Another great radio from the broadcaster, It’s made for the fans of rock and pop music with Latin vibe. Radio Nexos Rock y Pop Latino is your radio for enjoying the hottest musical programs with Latin influence. It creates a great fusion of rock and pop with the irresistible vibe of Latin rhythms. The radio is like a musical carnival and you, the listeners, are the audience of that carnival. Enjoy every minute you pass on the radio with full energy. Radio Nexos Rock y Pop Latino is a radio with energetic songs from the finest rock and pop musicians of Colombia and around the globe. It features the best artists and bands from Latin America and beyond. Enjoy the best variety of Latin rock, pop, reggaetón, cumbia, and salsa etc.



FaceBook: nexosradio

Twitter: @RadioNexosCol

Instagram: radionexos

YouTube: radionexos

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +3204872676

WhatsApp: +573204872676

Address: Bogotá, D.C., Colombia.

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