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Welcome to Live Online Radio. The privacy policy stated below is to help you to determine the kind of relationship you are about to enter with us upon visiting LOR. The terms “LOR”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” refers to Live Online Radio. We respect the privacy of our visitors around the world and that’s why this privacy policy will let you understand how we may collect, use, process, disclose and safeguard the information we obtain through our service that includes our website and the mobile application. This policy will explain what is the requirement to use our service, how we process the information we get from you, what kind of information we may collect while providing you our service, and more. We will also suggest to you how you can opt-out from using our service.
We have prepared the privacy policy in such a way so that it meets the privacy policy requirements globally, including those in North America, Europe, APAC, and other jurisdictions.
As there are links to other websites at LOR, we should state that this privacy policy does not apply to the services and practices of any other websites, companies, or individuals that we do not control. We do not endorse nor do we make any representations to those third-party websites or social media platforms. You should be careful and read the privacy policies of any websites that you may visit.
To keep a healthy and clear understanding between you and us about our services please take a few minutes to read this privacy policy stated below –


Personal identification information

Live Online Radio does not collect user personal identification information automatically. User personal information like name, email address, and the message is collected only when a user voluntarily submits through our contact form. We may reply to users via email in return for their messages. However, we collect this information to enhance the user experience.

Non-personal identification information

We may collect non-personal identification information about Users whenever they interact with our Site. Non-personal identification information may include the browser name, IP address, the type of computer, and technical information about User’s means of connection to our Site.


How we protect your information

Our Site is in observance with PCI vulnerability standards in order to create as secure of an environment as possible for Users. We do not sell, trade, or rent User’s personal identification information to others.


Cookies & Third-Party Links

Cookies are mainly collected to give visitors of our site a better browsing experience
⦁ The very main reason our site may collect cookies is only to give you the recently visited radio stations result.
⦁ It may also collect cookies necessary to provide you the kind of experience you expect from us.
⦁ We use cookies to keep track of your favorite radio stations. So that, listeners can bookmark their favorite radio stations for easy and instant access.
⦁ We use Google Analytics and Google Doubleclick For Publishers which also uses cookies. You can have a clearer idea about this by visiting this link:
⦁ Google generally uses DART cookies for AdSense in order to provide appropriate ads. DART uses “non personally identifiable information”
⦁ As our site also provides you locally optimized radio results upon visiting the site, especially the home page. We may also collect cookies to provide you with radio suggestions based on the area you are visiting our site from.
⦁ Sometimes it’s essential for us to collect cookies in order to maintain the security of our site and your browsing in check. Although we usually do not collect this kind of cookies data for this reason if in case required, we may.
⦁ If you are visiting our site from your mobile device then in order to identify that, we might need to collect cookies too.
⦁ Sometimes you contact us via email and in that case, we naturally get certain information about you. for example, your e-mail address.
⦁ When you contact us using your social account especially for commenting, naturally we are able to see your social media account name. But we assure you that we are not collecting or selling any information to third parties from your social media account.

Legal Basis
EU GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation –
As our site doesn’t have a user registration or profile option, there’s very little chance of us collecting your personal information like your name, date of birth etc. The minimum required information and cookies we may collect is only to provide you better service. For example – if you choose to browse the trending radio lists, only then we will collect your location info (in this case the country you are visiting from) only to give you the list of radio stations that are trending in your country.

Even the cookies we collect are collected only to provide you a better user experience and are collected based on your full consent to be compliant with GDPR art. 6(1)(a).

As TCF v2.0 enables consumers to grant or withhold consent at any given time they wish, Live Online Radio also gives its visitors and users the full power to manage their permission on our cookies collection process. When a visitor clicks on “Accept cookies” upon visiting our site for the first time, only then do we collect the minimum required cookies for better performance and experience.

To withhold your consent to us on cookies collection, you can any time delete cookies from your browser’s settings and if you need our assistance on this matter or if you have any queries and complaints regarding our service then you can contact us at

We want to assure you that we always try our best to avoid collecting any information our visitors might find offensive.

As we do not have a user profile or registration process there’s no question of children under 13 years of age registering with us. But, to better comply with “EU GDPR” requirements we highly recommend children under 13 years (or under 16 years of age for children residing in the EU/EEA) not to use our service.



This privacy policy is updated on 27th July, 2021 and we reserve the right to change our privacy policy without a prior notice. If you have any question about our privacy policy please contact from this page [ Contact Us ].