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Melody FM is a popular Chinese language based radio that is now rebranded to “Melody”. Offering the best possible radio listening experience for the Chinese community in Malaysia it has won the heart of millions.

Melody FM-Acoustic Pleasure To Your Ear!

Melody’s History:

The radio aired for the first time in 15th August 2012. The biggest radio network of Malaysia Astro Radio, a subsidiary of Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd. owns and runs the radio.  It is broadcasting on more than 16 frequencies each dedicated to a specific region of the country. The radio targets mature listeners aged between 25 and 49 years old. Engaging programs, entertaining environment and energetic presenters makes this the most compelling online radio for Chinese listeners in Malaysia.

Programs of Melody FM

To the Chinese people living in the country, it’s like a treat to their ears with exquisite selection of musical tracks. The radio plays retro and contemporary Chinese hits and some new easy listening music. On top its popular musical shows Melody FM has strong following for its up to date and authentic news and discussion shows too.  The station’s music programming also includes a mix of Chinese and English songs, from oldies to new hits.

The variation of their programs easily attracts listeners from the moment they tune the radio. Like its name it’s the best choice for Malaysian Chinese listeners to enjoy the most melodious chinese hits out there.

Some of its popular programs are:

  • 早晨有意思
  • 关腔时间
  • 镁日好鑫情
  • 放工大过天
  • 黄隽斌 财汇说
  • 女神经
  • 秋月的育儿天地

The station provides a platform for Chinese culture and language to be shared and celebrated. The radio plays a vital role in the lives of Malaysian Chinese community and helps to promote Chinese culture and language.



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Instagram: melody_my

YouTube: MELODY-malaysia

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Language: Mandarin, Cantonese

Contact Number: 03-95433388

Genres: Contemporary Hit, Easy Listening, News, Talk

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