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Sinar FM is one of the most famous Malaysian online radio station. Founded in 1st March 2004 the radio is owned by “Astro Holdings Sdn. Bhd”. Sinar entertains listeners with its unique blend of captivating melodies and engaging content.


Unlike its sister stations, it plays classical music for its targeted matured listeners by local and international artists.  With its well defined charm and creative approach, Sinar FM has solidified its position as a beloved source of entertainment and information for the masses. From soul-stirring ballads to lively pop hits, each song is carefully curated to create an immersive experience that resonates with the audience. Moreover, the radio offers a plethora of captivating programs that keep listeners engaged throughout the day. Its talented team of radio presenters brings a vibrant energy through their charismatic voices and dynamic storytelling abilities. As per survey done by “Nielsen RAM” in 2015 Sinar FM has maintained it position as the second most popular online radio with traffic over 3.7 million listeners.

Some of its popular programs are as follows :

  • Pagi Di SINAR
  • SINAR Solo
  • Duo SINAR
  • Rehat dan Relax Sinar
  • Borak Selebriti SINAR
  • Hujung Minggu SINAR
  • SINAR ETA (Eh! Tetibe Ahad)
  • Laguku Di SINAR
  • Laman Rohani

These programs gets boosted by the dynamic and friendly display of Jep, Rahim, Angah, Dina Nadzir, Elizad, Hefny, Falyq, Putra, Haiqal, Syafa, Roy Azman.  In a world where trends come and go, Sinar FM remains a beacon of class leading radio presentation. Since the start of its radio journey it remains one of the most popular radio from Malaysia to this date.

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FaceBook: SINARdotmy

Twitter: @sinar_my

Instagram: sinar_my

YouTube: sinar_my

Language: Malay

WhatsApp: 016-3260000

Country: Malaysia

Genres: Classic Hits, Contemporary Hit

Application: Sinar FM App

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Sinar FM