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MY FM’s heartfelt programming has always been an instant hit for listeners. Its DJs connect with listeners on a deep level with their heartfelt programming and personal touch. The radio has a number of popular shows that focus on human interest stories, such as “True Stories” and “Life Matters”. Its heartfelt programming always attracts listeners instantly. Listeners will enjoy music, news, discussion and much more. Whether you want to hear the latest hits, get some laughs, or learn something new, MY has something for you.

MY, It’s so Much FUN

Here are some of the main programs that you can enjoy on MY FM:

  • MY ON MY Channel
  • MY Sunday Like That
  • MY 38 Bom-Bi-Bi
  • MY Very The Fun
  • MY Off Day Live
  • MY Super Drive

MY FM has become more than just a radio station, it has become a household name for listeners who are passionate about Chinese music and culture. As always, This radio is committed to provide the best possible radio listening experience. If you would like to be a part of this vibrant community and have fun together, tune in to MY FM today!



FaceBook: xiaoMY

Twitter: @MY_HAOWAN

Instagram: myfm

YouTube: MY-malaysia

Wikipedia: My_(radio_station)

Language: Chinese

Contact Number: 03-9543 3366

WhatsApp: 016-5073333

Genres: Chinese, Culture, Pop, Talk, Top 40

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