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.977 80’s Hits is an online music radio broadcast. This Radio transmissions to the districts 24 hours per day, a year of the year. Fall back to a period of Parachute Pants, Flower Shirts, Jelly Shoes and Ronald Regan. The 80s Channel plays only the best Pop, Rock and Retro 80s Hits from 1980 – 1989. All the best music from Arcadia to Whitesnake and everything in the middle of is played on the 80s Channel. Sit back, close your eyes and have an 80s Flashback, it’s alright.

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Веб-сайт: hitsradio.com

Twitter: 977music

Instagram: hitsradio

Вікіпедія: 977_Music

Жанри: 80s, Хіти

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