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About Radio Musical Nacional

The April 25, 1948, at 10: 00 am, aired a new Cuban station: the Musical Wave CMQ Circuit, which subsequently became CMBF, Radio Musical Nacional.

Emerged at the initiative of the pianist and researcher Orlando Martinez, who would be its director until 1969 in order to provide the best CMBF era classics universal repertoire. So every day the proposal was heard on speaker’s voice: Featuring music and only music .

The initial purpose of the Issuer is fully complied with, and this was recognized in 1958, when Martinez was ordered to Merit of the Italian Republic for the systematic dissemination of operatic art in Cuba.

The excellence of his broadcasts was decisive, in October 1961, he became national chain, taking its final name: CMBF, Radio Musical Nacional. From that moment he began a new stage in their content. It was then that he began to pay more attention to news programs, cultural promotion and the presence of Cuban music, which until then only exceptionally spread.

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