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Canturk FM in October 2007 Launched canturkfm established from the date of their style the best radios continue to be among men etmektedir. kalitel broadcast approach, or radio experienced publishers with a 24-hour uninterrupted rest facilities sunuyor. türk of Pop, Slow, fantasy, arabesque in the field of broadcast radio in our most recent, the most popular love songs, evergreen classic works are introduced to listeners. Canturk fm a little more with each passing day the developer itself, pulling the bar a little higher, as is the moment in the future will continue to be the best. EARS for listening to us and giving thanks. Mission Earth on a large period shed light on the radio is still the best means of communication that person’s life, the place of protection, Turkish more understandable and use it Properly, with the Requirement with music reach people, or radio from all walks or people and to bring the entire world via the internet. Vision canturkfm , think of it as a part of music in our time, is very important for society to know that. For this reason, music, art, fine music, the sound of our culture, our people and our land arabesque music, color and smell of the other species and the care of our young people are Perceived as areas of interest. However , in any type of music and artists is selective. Canturk FM official website address is

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