Enabling Flash on Google Chrome

The process of enabling flash player in “google chrome” in order to play flash based files and streams are fairly simple, just follow the steps bellow-
Note-The process shown here are for “live online radio”
First you need to visit this link in your chrome browser – [ chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?site=https://www.liveonlineradio.net ]
You can copy paste the above link (without quotation) in your chrome browser’s address bar and press Enter

As marked in the picture above press on the dropdown button near flash and choose “allow” option from the dropdopwn menu shown in the picture below-

That’s it! This will now enable flash player for your chrome browser for “Liveonlineradio” and you will be able to enjoy your favorite radio without interruption.
In order to be assured that you have successfully activated flash player, you can check it in your browser with the steps shown in the pictures below-

You can also visit this link for global content settings – “chrome://settings/content”