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About Zoukstation Radio

Zoukstation Radio appreciate that you listen to Zoukstation, and we do our very best every day to bring you the best music and the best programs. We consider that if we do not entertain those who listen, we do not do our job. However, we are concerned with good business practices, and that we act responsibly towards our listeners, partners, employees and society.Our greatest strength is communication, and we use this to raise awareness about issues we think are important. One example is Vinterlyd, where Zoukstation in collaboration with the Cancer Society brings us some of our best artists out on the road to warm people in winter cold. Of the artists who have participated in Vinterlyd we find Kurt Nilsen, A1, Marion Raven, Venke Knutson, Karpe Diem, Paperboys and many more. The money that comes in will go to the Cancer Society, and in 2012 alone the total Vinterlyd over 21 million. Zoukstation Radio official address is zoukstation.com

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