Zoo 90.8

Information Report

Zoo 90.8 managed since 2003 to “shake up the waters” of Thessaloniki radio, with its subversive philosophy and interactive communication. Through the best foreign music, he soon found himself in the top positions of the city’s radio stations expressing the youthful audience of the city. Zoo 90.8 is constantly evolving by adding new people with fresh ideas to its company, reflecting the pulse of our city’s youth, which is full of spontaneity, friendliness, vitality and a thirst for life! Listen to Zoo 90.8 and through the LiveOnlineRadio.

Contact Details

Website: zooradio.gr

FaceBook: zoo908

Twitter: ZOO_908

Instagram: zooradio

Email: info@zooradio.gr

Contact Number: +30 2310232908

Address: Kostis Palama 6C, Kon/politika, 55535, Thessaloniki

Country: Greece

Genres: / / /

Application: Zoo 90.8 App

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