Zenith Habbo

Information Report

The history of Zenith-habbo should begin in February 2010 when Aola said the site “Fun Habbo” with Luke the manager of Zenith Radio group (hence the name “Zenith-habbo”).
In 2011 Zenith-habbo becomes FanSite Official, and unfortunately in 2013 following the support MangeToiCa, Zenith-habbo will desoficialisé.
Zenith-habbo habbo is the only radio that had the chance to receive one of the most popular of the hotel staff, Norman!
Zenith-habbo habbo FanSite was more than a simple, there was the radio, the news, but also the many organized competition, the ZHGames who organized games every weekend, plus the many events organized with Habbo with other fansites and even alone.
Zenith-habbo wishes to thank all its partners for the various collaborations they have done.

Zenith Habbo official website address is www.zenith-habbo.fr

Country: France

Application: Zenith Habbo App

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