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Are you Aris, Thessalonian and a sports fan? If you’re one or all of the previous ones, or even if you’re not, Yellow Radio 92.8 is the radio for you. Everything around football and not just a single station of its kind, based on volunteering, participatoryness and self-determination. Every day we make sure to help inform the people of Mars, because there is no greater power in the world than being a fan of Mars. The station’s program includes sports broadcasts, specials, information allotments and is constantly enriched. Listen to Yellow Radio 92.8 and through Liveonlineradio.

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FaceBook: yellownewsgr

Twitter: YellowRadioGr

Instagram: yellowradio92.8

Contact Number: +30 2310328828

Address: Nea Egnatia 171, 54249, Thessaloniki

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