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About Xamsadine Radio

Xamsadine Radio is run by siblings wanting to know, and spreading Islamic knowledge who guides to the Way traced by Allah, the Prophet taught and transmitted by noble companions (May Allah’s Approved ). Xamsalon is intended as a means of teaching of Islam which refers to the first sources are the Quran and Sunnah and the interpretation of the first generations of Islam. Our goal is to participate in Islamic education of Muslims who have access to the Wolof language. We promote the right balance, and reject all forms of extremism, like Islam we recommend. The courses offered on Xamsalon aim to teach the noble precepts of Islam and the authentic practice of that religion. Any person who subscribes to the objectives and methods of Xamsalon is welcome to participate in the management of the fair.

Xamsadine Radio website address is www.xamsadine.net

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