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‘IN RARE FORM’ is synonymous with DHR, INC., a new and innovative record label paving in roads through the music and retail industry. It is the key to our mission which is defined by the respect and integrity we have for ourselves, our crafts, artists and musicians alike while combining a business savvy approach to marketing. As artists, we seek to bring to our audiences a variety of enjoyable entertainment with the ability to offer businesses affordable advertising and artist services for their products. Unparalleled by traditional advertising techniques, we have merged both Digital Audio through pure play streaming music, audio services, and a streaming broadcast radio station on any Internet-connected device. WDHR (Where Deep House Reigns) Radio is a non-traditional Internet radio station that birthed CHOP CHOP City Mall and two other stations that merged under one umbrella. Cast and molded by CEO Tren-se Jasper, a DJ, producer and songwriter, and President Kim Harrison, former club owner and DJ provides the backbone as the music programmer, and producer for Deep House Records. The label distributes music and has also partnered with retail businesses, promoting internet based products. As well, DHR, INC., manages WDHR Radio Broadcasting: An eclectic station airing commercial and chatter free music 24/7. “Our brand and sound is unique and distinctive. We combine groovy tracks from now and then and rarely played or heard in the club scene circuit or over the airwaves”. WDHR Radio caters to the sleek and sexy music lover, and to those that can kick back and chill for a moment, so if you are looking for a sweaty, head banging club scene experience, you may have to come back when you are ready. Programming full length tracks which support an artist’s original work is high on the to-do list. “We deliver an unconventional, sophisticated and alluring blend of Soulful House, Classic House, and Classic Disco intertwined with Deep House music and is served as a buffet of luscious sounds which include original works and remixes from major, known, and unknown artists. “January one two thousand eleven marked the making of our soul purpose: To enjoy what we do, and to share that enjoyment with others through the harmony of music.” This philosophy is the cornerstone upon which we base our business. WDHR RADIO official website address is www.wdhrradio.com

Genres: House, Lounge

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