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About Warm FM

Warm.fm is a project developed as an association nonprofit that began Feb. 20, 2004 update by the constitution of Electron Libre ASBL Warm.fm was born three electronic music lovers each with their specific skills and tastes. The team is completed by specialists essential. journalists, artists, designers and other organizers Warm FM, has a deeper meaning. Sound “Warm” is an analog sound (from a synthesizer), which includes several notes (multiple frequencies) in harmony. It has the particularity to give a feeling of warmth in the tone. The term “Warm Sound “or” Fat Sound “is used very often in the world of the composition of electronic music to define such a sound. March 2004, launch of www.warm.fm website offering electronic music continuously. June 2004 inauguration warm fm radio on fm band. 90.2 frequency in early 2005 after only 10 months of existence, Warm resumed third in the top 10 radio stations known Outsoon reader’s poll well. Making us the first electro radio in the French Community of Belgium. This survey is conducted annually by a magazine specializing in electronic music and clubbing, published in Belgium (including including Flanders) and the north of France. Jan. 2006, election of our new radio (French electro number 1) in the same magazine. This is all the more gratifying that almost all of these radios in this classification are networks (DTMF) of the whole of Belgium. since 2007 “Délicast” global benchmark class web radio Warm.fm frequently in the top 3 of 92 Belgian Belgian radios referenced. Jun. 17, 2008, the consecration! Official recognition of our media by the CSA for its originality and its involvement in the development of social and cultural heritage. Jan. 2009, Warm.fm was elected in 2008, the first radio electro Community in French by readers and users magazine and website of the famous “Night Code” reference No. 1 in the world of clubbing. Warm FM official website address is www.warm.fm
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