WAAR WI FM 104.9


About WAAR WI FM 104.9

WAAR WI FM 104.9 is a radio station from Dakar, Senegal. It broadcasts on the FM frequency of 104.9 MHz. With its diverse programming, this station has firmly established itself as a beloved radio for music enthusiasts in Senegal. WAAR WI’s music programs are known for diversity and melody. The station features a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz to African music. It also broadcasts a number of live concerts and festivals. It’s a very popular radio to enjoy Classical, International, and World music around the clock. Whether you’re seeking entertainment, inspiration, or a musical adventure, WAAR WI FM 104.9 is your perfect radio.

Website: waarwifm.com

Email: radiowaarwifm104.9@gmail.com

FaceBook: waarwifm104.9

Language: French

Contact Number: +78 426 86 30

WhatsApp: +78 426 86 30

Address: Sébikotane, Senegal.

Frequency: 104.9 FM

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