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About W Radio Colombia

W Radio Colombia is a news/talk/adult contemporary Colombian radio arrange, part of Caracol Radio. W Radio Colombia began in 1973 as mature person contemporary station Caracol Estéreo. It is part of the W Radio framework, with systems in Mexico, Los Angeles , Panama, and earlier Chile. W Radio Colombia is best known for its morning news show La W, exhibited by Julio Sánchez Cristo, Alberto Casas Santamaría, and camila zuluaga.before 1990, Fm radio in Colombia was just about solely committed to music, in light of the fact that a 1975 declaration issued by the Ministry of Communications restricted to 60 minutes a day the time a Fm station could devote to “educational, journalistic, or games modifying.” These limitations were loose in the early 1990s, permitting Fm stations to telecast.

Official Website : www.wradio.com.co

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