W Radio 100.1 FM


About W Radio 100.1 FM

W Radio 100.1 FM publicizes a numerous variety of domestically and nationally produced programs, each tune, and spoken word, in hi-fi stereo. W Radio 100.1 FM broadcasters agree with offering actual tune variety, so listeners can revel in an enormous catalog of recognized and unknown tracks, from Country to Dance, Hip-Hop to Classical, Jazz to Alternative, Rock to Folk, Blues to Ethnic, and lots more.

Website: www.globalmedia.mx/WRadio

FaceBook: Globalmedia Mx

Twitter: @Globalmediamx

Wikipedia: XHPM-FM

Language: Español

Email: ticket@globalmedia.mx

Contact Number: +(+52) 444 2989200

Address: Av. Salvador Nava Martínez, No. 278, Col. El Paseo, C.P. 78320 San Luis Potosí, México

Frequency: San Luis Potosí City 100.1 MHz FM

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