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Vudulicious Radio exists since October 2013 and continues with the idea of Caffe Web Radio, suitable for listening and enjoying coffee, a restaurant, lounge bar …
The music you are listening to on this web radio is carefully selected for the purpose of relaxing and entertaining you, in a way that you did not know so far!
The selection of music and ideas for radio work are DJ Vudu from Belgrade, an experienced DJ DJ.
The genre radio is extremely colorful, from reggae and pop music to jazz, bossa nova, jazz cover, deep house and lounge. In this genre of zenith, there are many subzaners that just complement the whole experience and increase their enjoyment to an even higher level.
Vudulicious Radio – music to enjoy!
Vudulicious Radio website address is

Genres: Bossa Nova, Deep House, Jazz, Lounge, Pop, Reggae

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