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Valasai Vanoli is a Tamil radio station broadcasting from Sivagiri, Tenkasi District, Tamilnadu. It plays a variety of Tamil songs, including super hit songs and old hit songs. The radio is committed to provide quality programming that entertains and informs its listeners. The radio is getting popular and created its own fan base for presenting a delightful blend of Tamil music of new and old Tamil songs. Valasai Vanoli, a popular Tamil music radio, offers a seamless and harmonious music experience, attracting music enthusiasts with its commitment to provide the best music in the region.

Електронна пошта:

FaceBook: valasaivanoli

Мова: Тамільська

Контактний номер: +91 84384 37323

PlayStore: valasaivanoli

Жанри: Класичний, Tamil Hits

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