Tropiques Mix

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About Tropiques Mix

Tropiques Mix is a radio station from France. The radio is famous for its eclectic mix of music, including zouk, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, RnB, and international hits. It has become one of the most popular radio stations in France and by Tropiques FM Network. The radio is also loved and enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are looking for a radio station that plays a variety of mix music influenced by the tropical regions of the world, this is the one to tune. The radio reflects the diversity and richness of the cultures and languages of the tropics. Tropiques Mix is not just a radio station that plays music, but also a radio station that promotes the musical heritage of the tropics and connects its listeners with the rhythms and melodies of the islands. Listeners can discover new sounds and talents, as well as enjoy favorite classics and trending mix hits.



FaceBook: radiotropiquesfm

Twitter: @tropiquesfm

Wikipedia: Tropiques_FM

Language: French

Contact Number: +33 1 46 48 92 60

Address: 4 bd des îles, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

AppStore: tropiques

Frequency: 92.6 FM

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