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Sooriyan FM is a Sri Lankan online radio that airs Tamil music 24/7. It is dedicated to provide its listeners with the best Tamil music from various genres. With a wide range of music genres and styles covered, Sooriyan FM has something for every listener.

Sooriyan FM’s History

The station was founded in 1998 by a group of Tamil DJs. They were passionate folks about Tamil music. Sooriyan FM has since become one of the most popular Tamil radio in Sri Lanka with its quality rich programs. And, it has helped to introduce Tamil music to the new generation of radio listeners in Sri Lanka.

ABC Radio Networks owns the radio. Also, based on the recent survey, it has the highest listenership number among all the Tamil radio’s in Sri Lanka.

Programs On Sooriyan

The DJs on the station broadcast a wide range of Tamil music, from historic songs to recent releases. They also conduct interviews with Tamil singers and host special themed programs. Sooriyan FM is an excellent location to listen to Tamil music, learn about Tamil music history, and so on. Furthermore, it has got you covered whether you’re looking to enjoy relaxing songs or exciting rhythms. This is also a terrific online radio for aspiring musicians to display their talents. Sooriyan FM’s devotion to promote emerging singers is helping to enrich the future of Tamil music.

“The Ultimate Destination for Tamil Music Lovers”

Sooriyan FM has live DJs who are passionate about Tamil music. The DJs are very joyful and friendly. They interact with listeners and play requests too, which makes the station more personal and engaging. This is the ultimate destination for music lovers who want to stay ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, Sooriyan FM is more than just a radio station. It is a cultural institution that celebrates the rich heritage of Tamil music. Tune in to Sooriyan FM and experience the magic of Tamil music for yourself.


Електронна пошта:

FaceBook: SooriyanFMSriLanka

Twitter: @SooriyanFMlk

Instagram: sooriyanfmlk

YouTube: SooriyanFMLK

Вікіпедія: Sooriyan_FM

Мова: Тамільська

Контактний номер: +94 112 346 744

Адреса: World Trade Centre, Colombo 01., Colombo, Шрі Ланка.

PlayStore: sooriyanfm

AppStore: sooriyanfm

Frequency: 103.4 FM, 103.6 FM

Жанри: Хіти, Розмовляти, Tamil Music

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