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Radio W107 conceptualized a radial style to fill the local taste and have crystallized a radio experience that has allowed us to present a different alternative of doing radio audience with extraordinary results and customer satisfaction, advertising agencies and brands.

Radio W107 maintain an active audience in our modern format programming by a qualified team with ongoing training and exclusive music services.

The pure sound of today and the future of W107.3 fm is unmistakable and he broadcast advertising DinesatHardatay Audio adds automated music composition.

The technological and programmatic quality made us competitive from the start and events hierarchy in which we engage as participants face strengthened that image: Concerts, Events, Live contacts anywhere in Honduras and as promotional sponsors of the largest art shows; in our country.

Radio W107 official website address is

Жанри: Hip Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton

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Radio W107 | Онлайн радіо в прямому ефірі