Radio Cidade FM Comunitaria

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Tuned to 87.9 Megahertz on the FM recurrence (abbreviation for Frequency Modulation that comes from English). Additionally situated at the location: Rua Sorocaba, 160 S, in the City Center of Juara – MT CEP: 78.575-000
This station has been bringing happiness, news now and then not very great, yet continually bringing a ton of good music, a differed program and continually leaving YOU audience IN FIRST PLACE, in light of the fact that a network radio moves with ATTITUDES and for us, there is no better to see you taking an interest in the programming of the telecasters, that in all projects essentially the audience is ALWAYS ON.

Frequency: 87.9 FM

Жанри: Community

Website: Radio Cidade FM Comunitaria

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Radio Cidade FM Comunitaria | Онлайн радіо в прямому ефірі