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Radio 54 African Panorama is a Radio station that seeks to serve as the home to over 1.3 Billion citizens across the 54 countries that make and shape Africa.

History of Radio 54 African Panorama:

It was founded by Eric Knight, a popular Zimbabwean radio and television broadcaster, who is popular as “The General”. Moreover, The station subscribes to the African Union’s Agenda 2063 blueprint. Which aims to transform Africa into a global economic powerhouse of the future.

The station recognizes that Africa is the youngest continent. With an average population age of 25. It believes that promoting intra-Africa relations through media is key to fulfil this dream. Radio 54 African Panorama seeks to play a leading role in ensuring an integrated, prosperous, peaceful, and united Africa. Thus, creating better communities across Africa. It wants to do so through the power of radio and print media.


The station also serves as a medium to promotes the talents, successes, positives, and blessings of Africa’s children. Moreover, the team’s common principles are based on respect, fairness, truth, equality, boldness, and love. As they believe these virtues are indispensable formulae to resolve the centuries-old dogma of African backwardness.

Radio 54 African Panorama provides a platform where all Africans get a ready-made opportunity to showcase and exhibit their aspirations and story in their respective genres. The radio is free of political affiliations, nationality, religion, class, age or sex discrimination. Furthermore, it will not deviate from its Pro-Africanist policies.


Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: radio54africanpanorama

Language: English

Contact Number: +44 7494 790710

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