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Радіо 107 FM The music format is a mix of formats Soft Contemporary Hit, Classic Rock Hits and Ukrainian Modern Ukrainian selected for adult, intelligent and Euro-Intended audiences audience. Current music base is formed of the best examples of world and Ukrainian culture and exclude low quality pop music. The format is unique and is not represented by other radio stations, providing stable and high-quality audience. The range of the radio transmitter “Tower» 107,0 FM – 40-80 km from the center of the Ivano-Frankivsk, depending on the terrain. Радіо 107,0 FM broadcast covers the following regional centers: Galich, Kalush, Interpreter, Coloma, Bogorodchani, Nadvornaya, Rozhnyatov.
Радіо 107 FM official website address is vezha.org/radio-107-fm

Країна: Україна

Жанри: Класичний рок, Хіти, Поп, Soft Music

Застосування: Радіо 107 FM App

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