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ozlem FM, the status of being one of the first radios in studio founded in Uşak in 1992 gained by saying hello. From 1992 till present time in both technical, whether publication should technology in our audience with a close follower of olmustur. ulusal publishing principle that all developments 24 hours hits to share the best of the music amaçlamıstir. 1 KW Siel brand radio transmitter, digital radio link, 25KW Power-assisted , 30KW generator, Butler’s in the huge 50 meters high with its tower is solid that live with different programs from each other 24 hours a craving FM in this sense, Butler’s “best and Highest quality Turkish pop-Turkish art music-Turkish folk music” and without compromising the quality of broadcasting, it enjoys the privilege of having never changed the style of radio.

website address is www.ozlemfm.net

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