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MiRádiónk has been one of the popular online radio of Hungary for acoustic music since August 29, 2013. It plays top of line Acoustic music and it also broadcasts programs on pop, top 40, rock music too. All the presenters and broadcasters of the radio are fan of good music and have been doing their job for years. This helps Mi Rádiónk to air such programs that are loved by its listeners.

Контактні дані-

Веб-сайт: www.miradionk.com

Електронна пошта: miradionk@miradionk.hu

FaceBook: miradionk

Twitter: @MiRadionkonline

Мова: Hungarian

Контактний номер: +36 66 444 510

Адреса: Alsó-Körös sor. 2. Békéscsaba, Угорщина 5600

Жанри: Acoustic, Поп, Рок

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