Новий 94

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Новий 94 is a very popular online radio for world music lovers. Their Rj’s are dedicated and enthusiast for good music so that they presents their listeners with some high quality and lively online radio programs which entertains their listeners and makes them connected with the radio station and its programs. Новий 94 is one of the mainstream radio of its kind in Puerto Rico.

Контактні дані-

Веб-сайт: www.lamusica.com/en/stations

Електронна пошта: info@lamusica.com

FaceBook: lamusicadotcom

Twitter: @la_musica

Instagram: lamusica

Мова: Англійська

Play Store: Мега 97.9 FM

App Store: Мега 97.9 FM

Frequency: 94 FM

Країна: Пуерто-Рико

Жанри: / /

Застосування: Новий 94 App

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