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Kodai Aruvi FM is a Tamil radio station broadcasting from Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, Індія. The station airs a wide variety of programs, including devotional songs, kalai hits (classical music), melody hits, romantic songs, 80s hits, 90s hits, evergreen hits, and classic night. From the timeless classics to contemporary Tamil hits, this station offers a wide range of musical experience for its listeners. It is known for its wide variety of programs and its commitment to providing quality content. The station’s presenters are also very passionate about music and Tamil culture. Kodai Aruvi FM is a great way to relax and unwind with some of your favorite Tamil songs.

Веб-сайт: kodaiaruvifm.in

Мова: Тамільська

Контактний номер: 7904929364

Жанри: 80s, 90s, Класичний, Evergreen, Melody, Tamil Hits

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