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Born from the demands of musicians, especially Metal Underground and Indie Rock Indonesia are hungry for information as well as the sounds of loud music that has been felt still less reverberated in the media that are on our Negri. While the development of Metal musicians UG Indonesia will be the rapidly growing and increasingly incredible. With this growth, they need a real media, the media that regardless of the context of the mainstream that already exist, pure, universal and sounding loud without any reason whatsoever. Along the support and the support of colleagues both personally and from the community, then on May 1, 2011 forming a container concept MULTIMEDIA STREAMING broadcast media with the name of the IRS Networks Indonesia.

Network Vision IRS mission is very simple … IRS Network just want to embrace fellow musicians from the genre Rock to Metal UG in Indonesia especially and the World in general to be able to unite the world of online media streaming both audio and visual that when the time was still practically sangt minimal in our country. In addition, the IRS Network Indonesia also try will always provide information about event2 hardware offerings that remain even become a routine for meals and metalhead Indonesia as one of the inventors of the bridge between the perpetrator metal music Metal music lovers.

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