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More than a traditional station, e m i t c is a means of expression and information of the community, which recognizes and shares with its audiences the diversity of local and international urban musical and cultural expressions.
In the broadcast programming we find a variety of styles and trends determined by the contemporary expressions we live in this century: rock, jazz, blues, soul, funk, pop, punk, ska, reggae, hip hop, environmental, world music and electronics.
To this musical richness we must add the presence of spaces of information and opinion that in a dynamic language allow us to recreate the panorama of cultural life and approach, from a warm and friendly dialogue, topics of interest for the different generations of audiences.
The purpose of this group is to shape our community, our family, and at the same time keep it informed about our contests, interviews and other activities of the station.

EMITC La Salle website address is www.emitc.co

Жанри: Блюз, Функ, Хіп хоп, Джаз, Поп, Панк, Reggae, Рок, Ska, Душа

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