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Rádio Cultura has always excelled in ethical dissemination and programming with honesty and reliability, with an efficient staff that knew how to capture the dynamic spirit and social responsibility of the company, whose efficiency is dictated by the production of unionist programs of the whole community, such as the neighbour’s party, which motivates and brings people closer to the city and the interior.


FaceBook: RC Xaxim Xaxim (Rádio Cultura AM)

Мова: Português

Електронна пошта:

Контактний номер: +55 (49) 3353-2425

WhatsApp: +49999483023

Адреса: Av. Plínio Arlindo de Nês, n° 476 CEP: 89825.000 – Xaxim – SC

Жанри: Brazilian, Розваги, Хіти, Новини, Поп, Sertaneja, Розмовляти

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