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Comunitaria FM covers most of the genres an online radio station that intends to entertain its listeners should cover. This radio station features the best of the top charts of pop, reggae, і sertaneja music. If you love new songs that are mainly popular locally and internationally, then this will be a very prominent online radio station for their listeners across the world. Hear it, enjoy it, and live it. They love to give you more fun entertainment by means of audio and internet connection. Wherever you are, you’re number one only here on Comunitaria FM.

Веб-сайт: ComunitariaFM

Мова: Português

Електронна пошта:

Контактний номер: +073 988210195

WhatsApp: +5588210195

Адреса: R. Rui Barbosa, – Centro Itabuna – BA, 45600-222

Жанри: Поп, Reggae, Sertaneja

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Comunitaria FM | Онлайн радіо в прямому ефірі