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Brazilian and worldwide music of many genres is broadcast on Atividade Itabuna BA. Although Brazilian music is their preferred genre, they have no trouble playing songs from other genres, including hip hop, rock, pop, etc. Their primary goal is to play music that their listeners will enjoy, or to put it another way, music that they would like to hear. Due to the fact that Brazil has a rich musical and cultural history, Atividade Itabuna BA frequently seeks to play songs and organize shows that will honor that history.

Веб-сайт: atividadeitabunaba-com-br

Мова: Português

Електронна пошта:

Контактний номер: +073 988622031

WhatsApp: +5588945520

Адреса: R. Rui Barbosa, 465 – Centro Itabuna – BA, 45600-222

Жанри: Brazilian Music, Новини, Поп

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