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Alpha 989 is an informative radio station with social implications and entertainment touches to its theme.
Through its frequency, in the 14 years it broadcasts, all journalists, producers and technicians offer timely and valid information on all topics of current affairs, transferring the pulse of events daily, from morning until late at night.

Контактні дані


FaceBook: alpha989radio

Twitter: Alpha989

Instagram: alpha_989

Електронна пошта:

Контактний номер: +30 212 2124800

Адреса: Studio Pro – Αμπελακίων ΒΙΟΠΑ Θέση Πέτσα-Βακαλοπούλου Τ.Κ. 153 51 Παλλήνη

Країна: Греція


Застосування: Alpha 989 Radio App

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