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45 Radio plays the more uptempo side of the 60’s,70’s,80’s and 90’s. The home of good occasions and extraordinary music Our music is painstakingly investigated by our long stretches of understanding making the rounds conversing with YOU! Regularly pondered ‘Where All The Good Songs Have Gone’ ? Tired of a similar 3-400 melodies turned to just keep a couple of publicizing organizations glad? 45 Radio is a vibe decent tune in without any Ads, No DJ interferences for the vast majority of the working week. A total elevating sound made for our age. In the event that you share our energy and like what’s on offer like our Social media pages.

Контактні дані

Веб-сайт: www.radio45.co.uk

FaceBook: my45radio

Twitter: my45radio

Електронна пошта: sales@my45radio.co.uk

Контактний номер: +44 7841 197874

Адреса: M1 Manchester, UK

Країна: Об'єднане Королівство

Жанри: / / /

Застосування: 45 Radio App

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