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Playing the very best club, soulful, funky house music – 24/7. 4 The Music was created by, and is manned by, DJs with years of experience in some of the best clubs around the World, including legendary places Ministry of Sound London & World Tours, Garage City, Miami Winter Music Conference, Pacha and a lot more.
We’re a new station, so while we get setup we’re scheduling some premixed sessions – but we’ve got some serious plans ahead, and something very different.
We will be bringing real live DJ sessions from around the Globe, live mixing with remote venues, video feeds from Clubs & Bars, and mixed virtual/real party nights. We literally live 4 the Music.

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Веб-сайт: www.4themusic.club

Електронна пошта: chris.haines@4themusic.club

FaceBook: 4themusic.club

Twitter: @4themusicclub

Мова: Англійська

Країна: Об'єднані Арабські Емірати

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Застосування: 4 The Music App

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