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2B1 Radio focuses its platform in the spirit of love through music, inspiration, and entertainment. Packed with programming that covers almost every genre of music. 2B1 Radio is largely built on a foundation of Rhythm and Blues, covering music from 1960 to the present, paying homage to the musical contributions and the artist who created and continue to grow the RnB genre. 2B1 Radio’s vision is to be the place your heart and ears will find home.

Веб-сайт: www.2b1radio.online

Електронна пошта: 2b1radio@gmail.com

FaceBook: 2B1RADIO

Twitter: @2B1RADIO

Instagram: 2B1RADIO

YouTube: 2B1 Radio

Мова: Англійська

Контактний номер: +1 336-223-6772

Жанри: Музика, RnB

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