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102.3 Proclaim FM declares its programs beautify its playlists for a socially and culturally various audience. In addition to the publication of numerous data and enjoyment programs, they declares various nearby productions. Their productions and data-primarily based totally packages include such as cutting-edge affairs, culinary, cultural, enjoyment and sports activities fields.

Контактні дані

Веб-сайт: proclaimfm.com

FaceBook: ProclaimFM102.3

Twitter: proclaimfm

Instagram: WPOS-FM

Електронна пошта: radio@proclaimfm.com

Контактний номер: +1 419-865-9767

Адреса: PO Box 457 Holland, ОХ 43528

Frequency: 102.3 FM

Країна: Сполучені Штати

Жанри: Education, Розваги, Розмовляти

Застосування: 102.3 Proclaim FM App

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