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A good song people instantly into a different space. Perhaps the melody, the lyrics described the story or the singer’s voice, let us sing a song touched my heart the deepest memory and emotion. These songs at different times of life, a certain period of time to let us cry, make us laugh, it may help us to heal over a deep, deep wound.

UFM 100.3 team in a year before the start of a period of great U selected songs of “musical journey”;”U choose 500” and after the U election 1000. “Identify the 90’s to present music masterpiece, then invite the audience to vote to elect the most popular and can affect people’s songs. Thank audience participation, plus music group designed the songs” golden ratio”, choreographed the most perfect song single, bound so you can enjoy UFM 100.3 the “U selected song library” in the song.

UFM 100.3 official website address is www.ufm1003.sg

Genres: Hits, News, Pop, Talk

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