Tuta Radio


About Tuta Radio

TUTA RADIO is a privately owned Commercial Radio Station. It started its journey in 2011. It is located in Mansa.

Ownership of Tuta Radio

A team of six shareholders who constitute the board of directors owns the radio. They register the company under the companies Act Cap 388 of the Laws of Zambia. Moreover, this is a private limited company by shares.


To see an informed and empowered community through access to media.

Mission Statement:

Its mission is to be a centre of excellence in Information, Education and Entertainment. It wants so, in order to have a well-informed and empowered community and contribute to national development.


To provide discussion space for the local people on key developmental issues including health, education, environment, agriculture, economy, tourism and so on.
Foster a culture of informed debate on critical issues relating to governance, improve public knowledge and awareness of social economic political development issues in order to promote accountability.
To disseminate government programs and projects to the community in order to encourage community participation in development process of the country.

Programming Format of Tuta Radio:

TUTA RADIO has a programming format of 60% talk and 40% music in the daily broadcast.
It started its journey on the concept of being the center of excellence in broadcasting. Furthermore, This is a target-oriented platform in Luapula Province. TUTA RADIO also utilises the services of volunteers in some of its operations as a way of fostering community participation in the activities of the station. With 8 full-time staff, This is the undisputed leader in private broadcasting, commanding the largest share of listenership across all age groups.

Website: tutaradio.com

Email: tuta.radiofm@yahoo.com

FaceBook: tutaradio

Language: English

Contact Number: +260 974320506

Address: Mansa, Zambia

Frequency: 90.7 FM

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