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There is no better way out of this stress than a sip of a good drink and listening to the right music. Radio “Tunguska” – may not be the best door to another, free and light world, but at least the most accessible. This music is the key to peace and other planets, to prudence and waterfalls of feelings, to the riot of nature and magic of the great oceans …. Maybe you, like us, are interested in Atlantis and the Tunguska Phenomenon, Bradbury stories and Asimov novels, what does the name of Kazantsev, Belyaev and Strugatsky say? Are you troubled by the secrets of the dolmens and the Nazca desert, attracting the paths of Machu Picchu and the shadow of the Mayan pyramids? You are called to sink Santorin and take off our old lady Luna? Dive and go to another world!
Tunguska Radio website address is radiotunguska.com

Country: Russia


Application: Tunguska App

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