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Tropiques Tradition is a radio station that broadcasts from France and celebrates the rich and diverse tropical music heritage. It is a radio station that plays traditional music from various regions of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America, such as zouk, kompa, salsa, semba, and more. This is a radio station that invites you to discover the history, culture, and stories behind these musical genres and their artists. You can listen to songs that have marked generations, learn about the origins and influences of different rhythms, and enjoy the authentic and vibrant sound of the tropics. Tropiques Tradition is not only a radio station that plays music. It is also a radio station that offers a range of programs for its listeners, such as debates, news, info-services, etc.



FaceBook: radiotropiquesfm

Twitter: @tropiquesfm

Wikipedia: Tropiques_FM

Language: French

Contact Number: +33 1 46 48 92 60

Address: 4 bd des îles, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

AppStore: tropiques

Frequency: 92.6 FM

Genres: Culture, Kompa, Salsa, Talk, Various, Zouk

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