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KNCE is a free, by regional standards possessed, group bolstered radio station devoted to bringing the mixed musical tastes, novel social hobbies, and differing group voices of Taos, New Mexico to the wireless transmissions and the world. Taos Radio are telecasting from a 1978 Airstream Excella in the Boneyard behind Taos Mesa Brewing, crosswise over from the airplane terminal on Highway 64 in El Prado, New Mexico.

KNCE is not an open radio station, yet Taos Radio don’t distinguish as a customary business radio station, either. Taos Radio are endeavoring to strike a harmony between models, obtaining thoughts and methods of insight that speak to the best of open radio, school radio, business radio, privateer radio, imagine radio-you-used-to-do-as-a-child with-your-recording device, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, to make a half breed that everybody can get down with.

Taos Radio are focused on keeping however much of your important listening time as could be expected loaded with incredible music, talk, and meetings that emphatically murmur with the soul of Taos and northern New Mexico. Our sixty+ volunteer DJs pack their own musical tastes, accumulations, sentiments, and groups into the Airstream with them consistently, and speak to Taoseños of all ages and influences — True Taos Radio, throughout the day.

Taos Radio official website address is truetaosradio.com

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