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Barva 94.2 FM is a a Malay language based radio station from Singapore. It’s a very popular name in the radio scene of Singapore. Warna is a popular choice for listeners of all ages. The station’s wide range of programming appeals to a wider listeners group.

Warna FM’s History

Its broadcasting dates back to 1936, when it started its radio journey as “Radio Singapore” on 1st June 1936. Since then, the radio saw its branding changed several times until 23 November 1991. The station gained its current name as “Barva” v 1991. It broadcasts on 94.2 FM and has a listenership of over 1 million, making it one of the most popular radios in Singapore.

Programs of Warna FM

Barva 94.2 FM broadcasts a variety of programs, vključno z novicami, current affairs, zabava, and lifestyle. The station also has a number of popular DJs, including Aura Shai, RZ, and Faridah Onn. The station is committed to bringing the people of Singapore together through its programming, which includes news, glasba, and talk shows. It airs Malay hits and provides an Islamic General Service for radio listeners of Singapore. As of 2023 its popular programs include:

  • Espresso Warna with AB Shaik and Mariam Mas’od
  • Warna Vista with Aura Shai
  • Zon Warna Petang with Noreha Bajuri
  • Dimanika Warna with RZ and TG
  • Warna Kejora with Suriani Kassim

The radio is famous for its Islamic shows in Malay as well as for news and information programs along with programs on Malay nostalgic songs.

The station is dedicated to promoting unity and understanding among the people of Singapore. It does this by featuring programming that is relevant to the people of Singapore and by providing a platform for people to share their views and opinions.

Spletna stran: warna-942


FaceBook: warna942

Wikipedija: Warna_94.2FM

Jezik: Malajski

Kontaktna številka: +65 6691 1942

Naslov: 1 Stars Avenue, Singapur, Singapur.

Frequency: Singapur, 94.2 MHz FM

Žanri: Trenutne zadeve, Zabava, Islamic, Glasba, Novice, Govori

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