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Super Estacion Latina latinare a non-benefit establishment that gives the local area from different radio projects with a radio of diversion, training and data, being a participatory, vote based local area telecaster, mindful of their duties as famous communicators willing to improve the personal satisfaction of the region of Circassia with the dynamic cooperation of the telecaster in local area projects, this radio are a methods for articulation where individuals can be the hero of a more pluralistic culture, reasonable, strong.

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FaceBook: lasuperestacionarmenia

Instagram: superestacionarmenia

Kontaktna številka: +57 322 205 04 95

Naslov: Cl. 8 ##4-02, Circasia, Quindio

Frequency: 104.1 FM

Država: Kolumbija

Žanri: / /

Uporaba: Super Estacion Latina App

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